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Anyone can wear Hair Extensions

Beaded Track
Video at ISSE Long Beach 2013

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Have fun with color

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Hot Hair Trends

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Courtney Love

Gal Time

Avante Garde
Video at ISSE Long Beach 2013

Synthetic Hair
Video at ISSE Long Beach 2013

Vinicius Marchado

Vinicius Marchado of the HBO show True Detectives

Kim Hamrock

World Champion Surfing Legend Kim Hamrock (2010)

Dale Bozzio

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons on the tour bus in Malibu (2005)

Jimmy Steinfeldt

Jimmy Steinfeldt legendary Rock Photographer (2012)

Cast from Sunset Tan

Susie, her son James and the cast from Sunset Tan (2008)

Caroline Waters

Caroline Waters of Redhead Records (2011)

Dale Bozzio

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons (2012)

Dale Bozzio

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, monofibre hair extensions before the NBC show "Baby Hit Me One More Time"

Dale Bozzio

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons wearing a wig

Chip Z'Nuff

Musician Chip Z'Nuff, Malibu, CA (2005)

Expert in Hair Replacement

Expert in Hair Replacement at the Long Beach ISSE (2013)

Greg Kevorkian

Greg Kevorkian manager of the Whiskey a Go Go & Rainbow Room on the Sunset Strip (2013)

Bookends Charity Event

Bookends Charity Event (March 2014)

Midnight Mission Charity Event

Midnight Mission charity event with Ritchie Sambora at the Musicians Institute (January 2014)

Mike Ryan and Samantha Whitlock

Mike Ryan Personal Trainer to the Stars and Samantha Whitlock Reality TV Producer (2013)

Lindsley Lowell

Publicist/Gal Time Correspondent Lindsley Lowell at the Peninsula Hotels in Beverly Hills for the Beauty Changes Life Event (2012)

Melissa Ricci

Client, Actress Melissa Ricci at the 2012 Emmy Awards

Monica Wild

Emmy Gifting Suite with Publicist Monica Wild (2013)

Courtney Love

Bob Hair Cut on Courtney Love

Susie, James & Dale

Susie, James & Dale at the Grafton Hotel on the Sunset Strip (2008)

Richard Greico

Richard Greico at Gallerie Sparta October (2013)

Julie Cohen & Isaac Singleton

Bookends Charity Event March 2014 with Author Julie Cohen & Actor Isaac Singleton.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Brown (parents of the late Nicole Brown) at the Playboy Mansion (2004)

Corey Haim

Corey Haim (2004)